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So…. You went to the jungle, drank Ayahuasca, now what?


Now is when the fun part starts… 

What are you going to do about what you have learned from Aya? 

You can do absolutely nothing and keep your jungle experience as a fun memory… 

Then, most likely, you are going to return to your everyday reality, and after being bombarded with programming frequencies of the Matrix, designed

to pacify you,

to control you,

and to manipulate your perception…

you might go back to sleep, thinking that the inner voice is just a figment of your imagination. 

But what if you decide to follow your newly discovered inner voice, which perhaps was always there, whispering to your ears something that you kept dismissing because the voice of the Matrix was louder?

Then, you can decide to take a red pill and jump into the rabbit hole to see how deep it really is.

And from what I see… it is bottomless.

And if you decide to jump...

Maybe we should talk...

I am not a guru. Just like you, I am learning about myself, and about the experience that I perceive as my life.

 One-by-one, I am stripping the layers of programming to find my true self (whatever it means) under the pile of rubbish.

But I went to the jungle and kept coming back there for years until there was nothing left that I recognized as my old self. Then I wrote a book that you can read if you wish to learn more about Aya. 


If you need to talk, 

I am here to help.


Ol Serbon

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