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                                                                  Welcome to the Unlocked World Community

We are a borderless, private, non-commercial, and non-political Irrevocable Express Trust organization dedicated to gathering, testing, and sharing the knowledge, and the resources for empowering humans about the art of self-reliance and self-sustainability. 


We operate by non-commercial, non-refundable gifts only. Your Gift can be on only conveyed and accepted as lawful money (per 12 USC §411 where applicable).

If you wish to be a part of this community you must agree to the following:

                   I  AGREE to take a full responsibility for my own actions

                   I understand that all information provided on this site is for educational purpose only, and I agree to                     consult my own advisors regarding any topic that has been shared with me.

                   I understand that UnlockMe.World can not give any health, legal or financial advise and I agree to                       do my own research and consult with my trusted advisors about anything that I learn from                                   UnlockMe.World 

                   I understand that any information, advice or exercise that you might encounter on this website, no                       matter how mild and benign it might seem, might create an adverse reaction, or accidental injury. I                     take a full responsibility for my own action.


                                         If you Agree Please click I AGREE to continue to membership

We offer 3 types of memberships

Unlocked Body 

open to all, and it is free, 


to join our yoga, dance or zen therapy sessions,

you will be asked to make a donation

in exchange for the service of your choice.

Unlocked Mind

What am I doing here? 


 ABC of Matrix and how to get out...


                                   Thank you for becoming a member of the Unlocked World Community

We would love to share the knowledge that we have gathered about the art of self-reliance.

Where would you like to start?

1. I would like to join                         Online Yoga Practice Sessions on Wednesdays at 9:30 am

2. I would like to schedule a             Body ZenTherapy Consultation

3. I would like to schedule a             Ballroom Dance Consultation

4. I am interested in                          Wedding Dance Sessions

5. I am interested in                          Private Ballroom Dance Lessons

6. I would like to book a vacation at 'Cloud Seven' in Costa Rica

7. I would like to join monthly            Zoom Meetings to learn more about becoming self-reliant


                                  How to Join Wednesday Morning Online Yoga Practice?

            1.  Please create a Zoom account.

        2.  Send us a request to join a Zoom Yoga Session

        3. First Session is always free, then, if you would like to continue, you might want to sign up for 10                            sessions for @190$ (expiration 9 months) or you can sign up for a single session  @ $25/ one session

       4. Please, send us a request to join our Wednesday morning Yoga session, and you will get a link e-                        mailed to you an hour before the session

        5. If you have any questions, please text us at (605) 956-91-96 for an assistance





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